Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CCNA 1 - Module 5 Exam Answers

What device is used to connect hosts to an Ethernet LAN and requires a straight-through UTPcable between the hosts and this device?

Users with systems that are attached to a hub are complaining about poor response time. What device could replace the hub and provide immediate response time improvement?

Refer to the exhibit. How many collision domains exist in the network?

At which layer of the OSI model does the MAC address of a NIC reside?
*data link

Which statement describes a typical use of Gigabit Ethernet?
*to provide high-speed connectivity for backbones and cross connects

Refer to the exhibit. A technician measured the lengths of the CAT 5e structured cable runsin the exhibit. How should the technician evaluate the cabling shown in the diagram to thenetwork administrator?
*Station B may experience intermittent problems because the length exceeds therecommended standard.

What is the most common type of cabling used in LANs?

In which situations would a crossover cable be used to connect devices in a network? (Choose two.)
*switch to hub
*switch to switch

Refer to the exhibit. What is the appropriate cable to use at each of the numbered network connections?
*1-rollover; 2-crossover; 3-straight-through; 4-straight through

The ends of a UTP cable are shown in the exhibit. Which cable configuration is shown?
*Wiring in both images are the same

The ends of a UTP cable are shown in the exhibit. Which cable configuration is shown?
*Wiring is different

Which two devices are considered OSI Layer 1 devices? (Choose two.)

Which statement is accurate about a WAN link?
*The link transmits data serially.

What items in the exhibit are DTE devices?
*A and D

Which function is a unique responsibility of the DCE devices shown in the exhibit?
*clocking for the synchronous link

What type of cable would be used to make the connection between the console port of a routerand a workstation?

What is characteristic of the operation of a hub?
*forwards a frame out all interfaces except the inbound interface

Which of the following are benefits of peer-to-peer networks? (Choose three.)
*easy to create
*no centralized equipment required
*centralized administrator not required

Which address does a bridge use to make filtering and switching decisions?
*destination MAC

Which of the following are benefits of a wireless network? (Choose two.)
*no need to run cables to hosts

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