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CCNA 4 - Module 1 Exam Answers


Which of the following can be done to allow the users on the network to communicate with the Web Server shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)
* Configure the Miami router to use NAT.
• Configure the Web Server with a private address.
* Configure the Miami router to use PAT.
• Change the Internet link IP address of to a private address.
• Configure the Tampa router to use PAT.

2 What is the default number of pings issued by a DHCP server to a pool address before sending the DHCPOFFER to a client?
• one
* two
• three
• four
• five

3 What is the purpose of the DHCPDECLINE message?
• If the DHCP client received multiple DHCPOFFERs, it uses the DHCPDECLINE to refuse the offers it does not use.
• If the DHCP server sends an IP configuration update that the DHCP client does not need, it uses the DHCPDECLINE to refuse the information.
• The DHCP server uses the DHCPDECLINE message to refuse a DHCP client's request for IP configuration information.
* If the DHCP client detects that the address supplied by the DHCP server is in use on the network, it uses the DHCPDECLINE to refuse the offer.

4 Which configuration parameters are provided by the dynamic allocation process of DHCP? (Choose three.)
* Gateway address
* DNS server
• DHCP Server
* Subnet mask
• Key server
• ARP server


What is the purpose of the command marked with an arrow shown in the partial configuration output of a Cisco 806 broadband router?
• defines which addresses are allowed out of the router
• defines which addresses are allowed into the router
* defines which addresses can be translated
• defines which addresses are assigned to a NAT pool


Given the accompanying debug output from a Cisco router, what kind of address is with the IP identification number of 29855?
* inside local
• inside global
• outside local
• outside global


Given the accompanying graphic, which statement would be applied to the S0 interface when configuring NAT on the Tampa router?
• ip nat inside
* ip nat outside
• ip pat inside
• ip pat outside


Given the accompanying graphic, which addresses could be assigned to traffic leaving S0 as a result of the statement ip nat pool Tampa netmask (Choose two.)


Refer to the exhibit. Which command would establish a group of 30 IP addresses that could be used to hide inside addresses from the Internet?
• ip nat pool Raleigh netmask
• ip nat pool Raleigh netmask
* ip nat pool Raleigh netmask
• ip nat pool Raleigh netmask


Given the accompanying diagram, which commands are necessary to implement PAT on the Raleigh router? (Choose four.)
* access-list 10 permit
• access-list 10 permit
• ip nat inside source static
* ip nat inside source list 10 interface S0 overload
* ip nat outside
* ip nat inside

11 What is true regarding the differences between NAT and PAT?
• PAT uses the word "overload" at the end of the access-list statement to share a single registered address.
• Static NAT allows an unregistered address to map to multiple registered addresses.
• Dynamic NAT allows hosts to receive the same global address each time external access is required.
* PAT uses unique source port numbers to distinguish between translations.

12 Which of the following are broadcasts sent by a client to a DHCP server? (Choose two.)

13 In addition to assigning addresses from predefined pools, which other services can a DHCP server offer? (Choose three.)
* DNS server addresses
* domain names
• global IP assignments
• NAT translations
* WINS server addresses

14 Users are complaining that they cannot attach to network resources. A technician has confirmed that clients are not properly receiving IP configuration information through the DHCP process. The network administrator wants to watch the DHCP process while the technician tries to release and renew addresses on the clients. Which command would the network administrator use to monitor the process of address allocation?
• show ip dhcp server statistics
• show ip dhcp binding
* debug ip dhcp server events
• debug ip dhcp binding


Refer to the graphic. Which command would allow the router to forward DHCP broadcasts from Host A to the DHCP server?
* ip helper-address
• dhcp helper-address
• dhcp relay-agent
• dhcp-relay

16 What is the default lease time for addresses assigned to clients through Easy IP?
* twenty-four hours
• forty-eight hours
• one week
• two weeks


The Raleigh router shown in the diagram is configured with PAT. Which of the following must be changed if the private network is migrated to a network? (Choose two.)
* E0 interface address
• S0 interface address
* the access-list statement
• the NAT outside interface
• the NAT inside interface

18 A network administrator needs to configure a router to offer DHCP services. Assuming the router is operating with factory defaults and the IOS supports DHCP, what must be done to start the DHCP service?
• Use the global configuration command service dhcp.
• Use the privileged command service dhcp start.
• Use the start service dhcp command during the setup processes.
* Do nothing. The DHCP service is enabled by default during start up.

19 Which of the following traffic types are supported by Cisco IOS NAT? (Choose two.)
• Routing table updates

20 Which configuration information might a DHCPOFFER include? (Choose three.)
* IP address
* DNS server address
• DHCP binding
* Lease time
• DHCP database

21 A company was issued as its registered address from its ISP. Which of the following is a solution that will allow Internet access to 300 employees simultaneously?
• VLSM to further subnet the registered address and create more IP addresses
• normal subnetting on the Class C network and address the host
* RFC 1918 and port address translation
• this is an impossible scenario because there are not enough addresses

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